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Minted Prose Children’s, Science Fiction, and Travel Books

Find your next adventure. The book is just the beginning.

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Our offerings in science fiction reveal the wonder of science.

Our travel books show how life can be an adventure.

Our children’s stories celebrate people, animals, and their dreams.

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Our Story: A Spark and a Smile

I founded Minted Prose in 2003. I had just gotten married and moved to New York City with two dogs, a dachshund, and a shihtzu, and a potpourri of trailing memorabilia into a private library and museum of sorts.

My husband P.J. was an aspiring science fiction writer and avid traveler. He had told me that as a professor he had completed his education by reading stacks of architecture, Greco-Roman history, and modern history at the library one hundred feet from his office. And I believed him, especially because his place, and now mine, too, was overflowing with volumes of this and that.

He had also gathered up artifacts, from the Hmong people in the mountains against China and fossils from the Green River Formation in Wyoming to a conglomeration of pictures filling the walls. I soon joined him on numerous exploits, where I too had begun to add to the collection, both in artifacts and in books, which soon numbered into the hundreds. Out of this experience, I realized the value of an eclectic life, which our friends valued and our dogs enjoyed.

Our science fiction, children’s and travel book readers share our curiosity, completely, partially, but always enthusiastically. It’s a brotherhood and sisterhood of the aspiring, often later in life, when the slings and arrows have abated a bit. Like us, they’re “future seekers,” “dog fanciers,” and “wander lusters” seeking a bit of wonder, adventure, and dreams.

Naturally we serve up unique books, but as cultural explorers we’re so much more! We want to surprise and delight you with multimedia content, including teaching aids, author presentations, and recipes that relate to our books. We’ve also aligned with whom we think is the best tour guide in Europe for a specialized journey around one of our books.

Our curiosity is leading us in exciting directions so stay tuned for more new things from Minted Prose! We’ll be sharing all this on Facebook so please follow @mintedprose for more! And that’s what Minted Prose is about “lighting a spark and a smile.” ~Linda Fischer, 2017

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