Green Eyes in the Amazon
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Green Eyes in the Amazon

Author: P. J. Fischer

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Description: P. J. Fischer returns with the electrifying new novel, Green Eyes in the Amazon, his latest fantasy and science fiction adventure that questions the limits of scientific discovery and rekindles the age-old battle between technology and theology.



“[A] thrilling page-turner . . . I can highly recommend this action-packed adventure to all readers who love science, unusual characters and, simply, a great story.”
Brian Schwartz, professor of physics, vice president for research and sponsored programs, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York

“Heresy is still heresy, even when you're right. 'Green Eyes in the Amazon' is the story of biologist Steven Sumpter, a man who has made many great leaps in biology. But there are those who still hold faith as entirely too sacred, leaving Dr. Sumpter fearing for his life and the lives of his family, as they are forced to flee to most remote parts of the world. 'Green Eyes in the Amazon' is an intriguing suspense novel that explores the conflict of science and religion.”
Midwest Book Review

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More Information
Title: Green Eyes in the Amazon
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 322 pages
Series: Rethinking the Future®
Category: Fiction/Evolution & Transhumanism
Publication Date: June 2009
Dimensions: 6.0 x .875 x 9.0 inches
Weight: 1.3 pounds
ISBN-13: 978-0-9744287-2-7
Publisher: Minted Prose, LLC
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